FORM is a design studio on the first floor and a workshop on the ground floor. Ideas and designs drawn in the studio upstairs can instantly be made in the workshop downstairs. 

Two processes that are often separate, now inform and enrich each other. Allowing for endless iteration and refinement. At lightning fast speed.

Our aim is to become the most vertically integrated design studio out there. At prototype level, whatever is being designed in our studio we want to be able to make in our workshop. In-house. This way we can iterate and improve on our designs, fast. Additionally, the time won by doing a lot in-house can be used for more iteration, experimentation and crafting of skills.

Continuous investment in computing hardware, software, additive & subtractive prototyping machines have brought us closer and closer to this vision. Today, our tools already allow us to take on projects at lighting fast speeds.

– Large format 5 axis CNC milling

– SLA 3D printing

– FDM 3D printing

– Laser cutting & engraving

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