Our lab of design is a playground of possibility. We are alchemists of innovation – fusing creativity with technology. Creating things that are as beautiful as they are useful.

We are a design firm unlike any other. Both creative and technical. The digital design tools in our studio work in tandem with the digital prototyping machines in our workshop. Where others out-source, we bring in-house. Pursuing our vision of becoming a vertically integrated design studio. With ample room for experimentation and iteration.

The projects and scope of our work is always evolving. Not experts in any particular industry. Experts in the proces of design. Cross-pollination comes standard – we leverage our know-how and experience between projects. We are wired differently. Which means – we do, think and see – differently. Dedicated to our craftsmanship. Some would call us one of the crazy ones. For us it is the only way.


Design Research & Strategy
Concept Development
Product Design
Mechanical Engineering
Prototype Building
Creation of Imagery
Design For Manufacturing


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