F O R M  is a design laboratory working on the ideas and solutions of tomorrow.

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We are your one-stop-shop. For research. Ideas. Concepts. Strategy. Design. Engineering. DFM. Visualisation. Prototyping. Model making. And everything in between. Our design studio sits on top of our workshop – the lines between conceptual thinking and physical reality could not be any shorter. The two – often separated – workflows inform and reinforce each other. As a result we are able to iterate and refine every aspect of your project fast and often. We experiment much like is done in a regular lab.

Our -self built – sign that welcomes you into studio & workshop.

We help ambitious founders, brands and agencies to form the future.

Whatever field you are working in. Whatever challenge you face. Whatever stage you are at. We offer the outside perspective that will help you to make the difference. We know our perspective will only be benificial it leads to a vision that can be executed. That is where our skills, tools and experience come in. We will help define your vision. Then – we bring your vision to life. Not from the sidelines. But right there on the field with you. Trying to hit the ball outside of the stadium.

Our kitchen / (coffee) bar / event space / meeting room

We believe that how many things just are today – they could be a lot better tomorrow.

Better means different things to different people. At the start of any project we help you define what ‘better’ means for your business case. For us this is not determined by projected sales numbers & production cost alone. It is also about material use. Impact on humanity. Impact on planet. Repairability. Recyclability. Usability. Usefulness. And many more factors. We have developed a toolkit that helps you to define what better means for your project. It makes clear what needs to be achieved and ensures everyone is on the same page from the get-go.

We are driven by curiosity. Projects we take on we care about like they are our own.

We are insanely curious. We observe. We notice the fine details and also see the big picture. We ask loads of questions. We connect dots and see opportunities in unexpected places. All so we can come up with the best solution to your challenge(s).

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